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International Journal of Computer and Engineering Management

Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand, publishes the International Journal of Computer and Engineering Management (IJCEM) three times a year, in collaboration with the Thai Federation for Information Processing (TFIP), the Thailand Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the Thailand Joint Chapter of the Computer Society and the Engineering Management Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Thailand Chapter of the Internet Society, and the AU Student Chapter of the IEEE. Along with editorials and technical papers, the journal includes news of interest to the community of computer and engineering managers and professionals.

The Editors of the Journal request that all people in the field of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, and Engineering Management consider submitting articles that deal in any way with (1) methods, techniques, and theory of computer and engineering management, (2) the relation of computer and engineering management technology to social and political issues, (3) the application of computer and engineering management technology to business and governmental agencies, (4) the use of computers and engineering management technology in the developing world, and (5) the philosophical and ethical issues associated with the development of computer and engineering technology.

The Editor-in-Chief will make every effort, in consultation with his editorial staff, to make a decision on the acceptability of any articles as is or in a substantially revised form within ten weeks of submission and will contact authors promptly once such a decision has been made. All articles will be acknowledged, but none will be returned to their authors.

Information for Paper Submission

All papers must be written in English. Electronic submission is highly desirable. Should electronic submission be impossible, please submit three copies of a double-spaced full paper manuscript of not more than 28 pages in length including tables and graphs. Papers should be in conformity with scholarly proprieties with full citations and references. All articles should be double spaced and submitted in triplicate.

We would appreciate if a copy of file in the format of Microsoft Word for Windows ( Version 2.0 or later ) is sent to the AU file server:

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Attached to all submitted articles must be a 150 word abstract and a statement containing the author's present academic or nonacademic position and an address where he or she may be contacted by the editors or interested readers. To facilitate communication with the editors, authors are encouraged to include fax numbers and/or an Email addresses at which they can be contacted. Authors will be expected to correct proofs of their articles in a timely manner.

Please send articles to:

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