Faculty of Nursing Science

Workshop on Challenging Nursing Paradigm

Rev. Bro. Visith Srivichairatana delivers the Opening Remarks at the Workshop

The Faculty of Nursing Science organized the workshop entitled, "Challenging Nursing Paradigm: The Strategic Management for Competitive Approach" on 5-6 March 2004, in the Common Room, Bang Na Campus. The objectives of the workshop were to:

(i) respond to the policy visionary set by the Vice President for Academic Affairs,
(ii) elucidate the inspiration of the university executive into concrete and realistic plan and implementation,
(iii) promote the participation of faculty members in SWOT analysis and strategic planning process, and
(iv) promote unity and cooper- ation among faculty members in repositioning the school.

The Opening Remarks and Keynote Address were delivered by Rev. Bro. Visith Srivichai-ratana, Vice President for Academic Affairs. A lecture on "AU Academic Standard, Context and SWOT Analysis: Concept and Practice" was presented by Asst. Prof. Teay Shawyun, Deputy Director, Center for Excellence and Dr. Vindhai Cocracul, Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs respectively. Twenty nursing instructors and three staff participated in this workshop.

Group photo of the audience(R) and Bro. Visith discusses the strategic management for competitive approach at the workshop on "Challenging Nursing Paradigm"


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