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Faculty Seminar

Assumption University takes a keen interest in all aspects of the teachers' improvement and development, including social, ethical and extracurricular activities. Organizing academic seminars is one of these activities. This year, the Faculty Seminar was held on 1 and 2 April 2004.

The Opening Speech was delivered by A. Pisit Viriya-vadhana, Dean, School of Architecture. The first speaker was Dr. Vindhai Cocracul, Dean, Faculty of Management, who presented and lucidly discussed, "Context, and Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) Analysis: Concept and Practice".

The second speaker, Dr. Teay Shawyun, Deputy Director, Center for Excellence, discussed the finer points of quality assurance. He reminded the participants to each fulfill the "Self Assessment Report (SAR)". He said, "We must make quality checks and submit those reports to the government."

The third speaker was A. Elfren B. Paz, a lecturer from the School of Architecture, who recently graduated from the Faculty of Education, with the graduate diploma in Teacher Education. He is a pioneer, Class I, in this new course at AU. He spoke about student-centered learning and authentic student assessment, and the similarities between an architect and a professional teacher. The next program started when A. Kittiratana Pitipanich, Chairperson, Architecture (major) and A. Vatcharat Samakkamai, Chairperson, Interior Architecture (major) divided the faculty members into groups giving opportunities among the participants to voice their own opinions about SWOT Analysis of Positioning, Vision and Mission.

On the next day, the SWOT analysis was presented by each group leader. The re-positioning of the School of Architecture was also discussed. The result of the Faculty's 5-year plan was tabled and discussed before the Closing Ceremony.

During their stay at King David Hotel, the participants enjoyed the sumptuous lunches and dinner, and the unlimited use of the facilities of the Bang Na Campus, including the use of the gymnasium, and the karaoke singing hall. The result of the survey had shown that everyone was very satisfied with the security service provided.


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