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AU Journal of Technology (July 2013)

Volume 17, Number 1, July 2013

  • Editorial
    Narong Chomchalow, p. ii

Research Paper

  • Production and Optimization Studies of Bacteriocins from Three Lactobacillus Strains 
    Olubusola Ayoola Odeniyi and Titilope Paulina Olabode, pp. 1-9

Review Articles

  • The Body of Knowledge of Software Maintenance in the Software Development Life Cycle
    Adtha Lawanna, pp. 10-15
  • Causes, Effects and Treatment of Harmonics in Electrical Systems
    Yahaya Asizehi Enesi, Mark Ndubuka Nwohu and Michael Abogunde Akogbe, pp. 16-21
  • Equivalent Circuit and Performance Characteristics of a Synchronous Motor  
    Yahaya Asizehi Enesi, pp. 22-27

Book Review

  • A Review of the Eighth Edition of “Digital and Analog Communication Systems” (Author: Leon W. Couch, II, 2013)
    Dobri Atanassov Batovski, pp. 28-32

Technical Reports

  • An Automated Parking Lot Administrator  
    Jonathan Adakole Enokela, pp. 33-38
  • Development of a Re-training Program for Electronics Technicians on Basic Electronics Troubleshooting and Repairs 
    Mohammed Abdulkadir, Abdul Bello Kagara, Mohammed Isah and Abdullahi Shehu Ma’aji, pp. 39-46