Rector Dr. Komolmas, Vice Rector, Dean and senior officials at the orientation ceremony for MSCIS, CEM and IEC students held at Hall of Fame on May 5.   Dr. Sompit P. Dean of the Faculty of Arts addressing students at the "Freshmen Orientation Ceremony" held at De Montfort Hall on May 19, 2001.

The freshmen orientation ceremony with Student held on May 19-20 and here the departmental officials are seen briefing the newcomers on conduct and deportment in their new environment.   37 exchange students from Loyola College of Maryland, U.S.A. who arrived on May 24 to study in A.U. are being welcomed by V.P. Admin. Dr. Chavalit, Dr. Samusa and Fr. Nash, the coordinator of the program.

Student enrollments for academic year 2001-2002 being handled by staffers from the Registration Department at the Coronation Building on May 17,2001 where all attempts are made to simplify procedures.   The Exchange Agreement between Loyola College of Maryland and Assumption University works superbly and here the latest batch of students are seen with Fr. Nash, the resident coordinator of the program.



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